Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Birthday

Elliot's other grandparents came over the Monday after we got home to see Elliot. They came bearing gifts. We thought we try the cake thing out again, since the first time was a bust. Well, he wasn't too thrilled this time around either. He did taste the blue pearls and some of the cupcake.



First Birthday

We had Elliot's birthday party while we were in Logan. It was at Adam and Hillary's new house, so the decorations looked extra good! We had bacon/ blue cheese burgers, sweet potato fries, and chips and salsa. I made chocolate cupcakes with blue pearls on top for dessert.

Elliot was not in the best mood starting about dinner-time (I think he was tired). He did not like his cake and absolutely hated  when Uncle Max tried to give him a head start digging into the cake. 

 Our 1 yr old!


 Adam with some more lovely decorations

 Aunt Molly

 Aunt Hillary

 Uncle Max

 Grandma Kari


Daddy-of course

 Uncle Adam





Elliot's party doubled as an Oscar Party, which Adam and Hillary threw. Ballots were made up for us to fill out and Hillary and Molly made fancy truffles.

I'm One!

Elliot Dixon turned 1 on Feb. 26th! He is such a sweet boy and so much fun! We sure love him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yucky eyes

It seemed as though the little Mr. got pink eye. Not fun. We got a prescription for eye drops, which seemed to work.

11 Months Old

Our little goose turned 11 months on January 26th.

Here are some other cute pictures:

 Lots of toys

 He liked to be inside the toy box

 This boy LOVES baths! When we say the word "bath" he gets excited.


 Enjoying the nice weather

 Big smile, or laugh

 Mr. Elliot found himself a little hide-out. He crawled into the corner cupboard, which has a Lazy Susan in it. He just wanted to stay in there for a while. It was hilarious

June was Elliot's valentine. He gave her a heart balloon.

St. George/ Vegas

In January the three of us drove to St. George to help Russell's brother, Scott and his wife, Diane move into their newly built house. Russell's parents went as well. We had fun spending time with all of them.

We decided, spur of the moment, to drive a bit further to Vegas and stayed with our friends, the Adams. They were so welcoming and it was great to see them. We ate at a buffet on the strip and had a good time walking around and watching the famous fountain show.

 Jessica, Dave, Quinn, and Baby Bump

 Oh yeah...we also went to Paris

Friday, July 20, 2012


We had some great weather in January. It was such a mild winter overall, which was great because Elliot loves being outside.

 Just taste testing

 Our happy boy

 Messy little goober, but so cute!

 E-Man got himself a girlfriend. My friend Anna, who lives around the block from us has a little girl named June, who is about 5 months younger than Elliot. We love having friends close by to hang out with.

 Starting early


Out on a walk- all decked out