Friday, October 23, 2009

I love my nieces!

I stinkin love my cute nieces! I'm glad my sis Molly and I still live close enough to each other, and that we see each other often.
Russ and I watched the girls a couple weekends ago while Molly and Tom took a short trip to Zion's. It was a CRAZY weekend, but we had fun! I love these girls.

Sophia is 1 yr and so much fun! Three things I love about her:
*Her laugh! (It cracks me up)
*When she "kisses" me (she leans in with her lips to my cheek)
*Her snuggles (She is so precious)

Evelyn is almost 4 yrs old. She has been my little buddy since she was teeny. I truly love my Evie.
Three things I love about her:
*She is so smart/ when she asks questions
*The way she talks ( I wish I could capture her little voice
in a bottle...I think my sis, Molly has said that or
something like that before)
*She is a sweet pea!

Russell was teaching Evie how to be "cool". It was so funny! Ev totally played along.

I am glad my nieces have Russell in their life as well.

Thank you Molly for sharing your girls with us!