Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I had the wonderful opportunity of being in a play done by our stake, called the Kirtland Pageant. I believe it was a pageant originally done in Kirtland, Ohio. It was about Joseph Smith, Emma, and the Saints moving to, then away from Kirtland.

I wasn't planning on auditioning for the show, but I was at the auditions with the Young Women in my ward and thought maybe I should. I called Russ to see if he'd be okay with it and he said to go for it.

I'm so glad I ended up doing the show! I met some wonderful people. Russ was so good to have Elliot while I was at rehearsals and performances.

Nelly & I (She was a hoot!  We had a lot of fun together)

Carden & I

Marty Reimchissel had the vision of doing this show in our stake. He was a wonderful person and liked having fun. He put so much time and effort into the pageant.  Marty became hospitalized about 2 weeks prior to the show and sadly passed away last night. Thanks for everything, Marty:)

Feeling Christmasy

...It's the most wonderful time of the year... I really do love this time of year. Lights & decorations, baking, Christmas movies, activities & music, snow, hot chocolate, feeling warm & cozy, family, focusing on our Savior's birth.

We have been feeling quite Christmasy at our house. Russell put up Christmas lights on our house and around our front window, we busted out our decorations, we went to the Festival of Trees with my mom, and we decorated our tree. I'm looking forward to the rest of the month.

He loves this beaded garland!
Festival of Trees (Grandma Kari & Elliot)

One thing I love about the Festival of Trees is the gingerbread houses

Weasley House (Russ & I have come to love Harry Potter)
Decorating the tree

9 Months

Our little goose turned 9 months on November 26th! This is such a fun age. He is all over the place and keeps us entertained and laughing. He is also such a sweetheart and loves climbing on us and giving "kisses."

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Russ' family. His brother Scott & his wife Diane came up from St. George and stayed at our place. We have fun with them and loved having them.

Thanksgiving dinner was at Grandma Patsy's house in Provo. We had about enough food to feed a church congregation. So many appetizers, turkeys, desserts. It was delicious. We are so blessed.

Grandma Patsy with Jasani & Elliot
The little ones going through the Black Friday ads
Robert, Scott (Russ' bros), Diane (sis-in-law), Angela (cousin), Russ, me
Uncle Bob, friend, Amber, Jack (cousins)
Chris (bro-in-law), Helen (aunt), Papa Petty, Mama Petty, Tim (uncle), Anika (aunt)
First Thanksgiving with our little family

Monday, December 5, 2011


November went by pretty fast, but we had a lot of fun with our little guy.

He stands up to everything! Here he is underneath a chair.
Playing in his carseat (and he loves that little binkie bag)

Being pulled by Daddy in his little wagon
We were playing outside and Elliot loved the rake!
Cheese! Playing in the mirror

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween Part II

We spent Halloween night with Russ' family in Provo, at his aunt & uncle's house. We enjoyed hot soup, rolls, doughnuts, etc. I know Elliot is only 8 months old, but we took him trick-or-treating anyway. He went with his older cousins. Russ only lasted a few houses, but the rest of us continued on for a while. It was such a beautiful night to be outside!

Russ' cousin Amber, her daughter Jasani, me, Elliot
Russ' cousin Andrew, his wife Nohemi, and their baby Noah
Evelyn, Spencer, & Oliver
After trick-or-treating
Looking through his goods!
We sure like Halloween!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween Part I

We had a great Halloween this year. We spent the weekend before with my family in Logan. We had our annual Halloween party-hosted this year by the Ozmuns.

Our little stinker!

I found Elliot's costume at D.I. for $2.00 and we fell in love with it! It was then Russ' idea to go as a skunk family. We found some sweatshirts and Russ' pants at Savers, and with Russ' help I constructed our skunk costumes (using Elliot's costume as the pattern).

Max (Oompa Loompa) & Kyle (Captain Morgan)

Grandma Kari (dead bride) with the little guy

Russ & I made these festive cupcakes

Hillary (Black Swan) & Adam (Owl)-hilarious!
The cute kids
Big owl, little owl
"I'm pooped!"

On Sunday we carved pumpkins at my mom's.
Russ did "The Nightmare before Christmas" and I did Frankie.