Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disney on Ice

We had a Girl's Day and went to Disney on Ice again this year. Molly came to pick me and the girls up and we met Mom, Hillary, Aunt Chris, Kenna, Kelsey,and Henley downtown. After the show we got lunch at Jason's Deli and hung around the Gateway for a while. We had a good day:)

It was chilly outside, so we bundled up. I LOVE this picture of Sophie!

Niece Slumber Party

Molly asked me to watch her girls overnight the weekend before last. We had fun:)

(The girls love their Uncle Russell)
Russ played lots and lots of Disney songs. We sang along and danced. Russ & Ev even played a Disney song guessing game where he would play the song and she would guess. I can't believe how many she knew! She also sang along to so many of the songs-so cute. She was very dramatic at times.

Sophie kept saying, "Ariel." I think she may have wanted Russ to play an Ariel song...

Russ made a deal- if he got his back scratched, he would keep playing Disney songs. The girls agreed. (He loves having his back scratched)

After the songs, we put a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor and watched a Tinkerbell movie and ate treats.

I love these girls!

AnNuaL KirScHmaN HaLLowEen ParTy (2010)

My family has an awesome Halloween party every October. My mom hosted it this year and did a great job!

The food was great

Russell (Pee Wee Herman) Emily (pregnant ladybug)

Ad & Hill's costumes were awesome! Adam's was homemade and Hill's face paint was great!
(Evelyn was scared to death of Adam)

Sophia (Tinkerbell), Evelyn (bat), Henley (Ariel)

My Pops made himself into the Tin Man out of scrap metal! (which he works with)

Molly, me, and Hill (Molly looked great!)

Russ & Max (Aladdin)

The Ozmun's/Huntsman's:
(Wicked Witch, Toy Story Clan, Gangster, Scarecrow, Winnie the Pooh, Edward, Superhero. Mark came to the door in a dress shirt, slacks, glasses and hung around for awhile...then he came to the door again in his Superhero get-up. So funny!)

Mom & Soph

Chocolate and caramel fondue for dessert. Yum!

October 2010

I love October! Pumpkins, leaves, cooler weather. I got a couple of good walks/ jogs in before it got too cold. The streets by our new home were beautiful in October! There were so many crunchy leaves on the ground and there is one street that is tree-lined, which was beautiful when the leaves changed.

Russ and I carved pumpkins one night.
I decorated our new place

Caramel Apples

My sister Molly and her girls, Sophie & Evelyn came over in October and made caramel apples with us. Delicious and fun!

New House

Russ and I moved last month...once again! Our lease was almost up, we needed a bigger place for the little addition to our family and Russ' work will be moving to Utah county. We are now in a twin home in American Fork, which is great! It has three bedrooms, a yard, and a two-car garage. How lucky are we?? It's been great.

Isn't she pretty?

Our lovely backyard

We have already enjoyed retrieving pears from our pear tree. They are so tasty!

And picking grapes from our grapevines
(We also have an apple tree and tomato plants)

We have loved our new place so far!

Poor Russell

This is what I came home to about a month and a half ago...

The biggest pile of tissues I have ever seen!

Poor Russ was sooo sick! Luckily it didn't last too long.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

25 Weeks Already

Here I am at 25 Weeks! Not the best picture, but at least it shows my fat belly! Our little guy is doing fine, as far as we know. He's been moving around a lot these days!