Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This wonderful couple is
hoping to soon adopt and add to their family of 3. Please pass the word along if you know of anyone looking to adopt. These are 2 great people!
Lance and Julie Adopt

7 Months!

Our little angel turned 7 months yesterday. He is such a joy in our lives. His big smile with his wrinkled nose brings so much happiness.

Some things about Elliot Dixon:

He smiles a lot
He is such a good eater. He likes a variety of foods
He says, "Mmmmm" while eating
He loves drinking water out of a cup
He cruises all over the place/explores around the house
He loves cords and paper
When he's tired, sometimes he'll grunt, gruuuuuuuuunt
He makes a lot of noise/babbles
Rolls onto his tummy and curls up to sleep
LOVES being outside & is so content, relaxed when we take him on walks
Loves shoulder rides from Daddy (pulls his hair while he's up there)
He is such a happy baby overall and has such a fun little personality