Friday, April 29, 2011


Elliot had a nice surprise for us the other day... I had him on the floor and I felt that his back was wet. I figured he'd peed up his back, like usual. Well, this was much worse than pee! He had a major blow-out! I ended up throwing the onesie away. Luckily, the blanket was salvagable.

Newborn pics!

I just realized that I never posted any of these great pictures my sister Molly took when our little man was brand spankin' new. I love them!

My brother also took some wonderful pictures. I just have to figure out how to get them on here..

StoRy TiMe

It seems that Elliot already likes stories! I haven't read to him a whole lot, but the other night as I was reading he was so happy! (We read Dr. Seuss's ABC & Old Macdonald Had a Farm).

2 Months!

On Tuesday (the 26th) our little Elliot turned 2 months old! It has already been such a joy having him in our lives!

Early Walker

The other night Russ was helping Elliot "walk." Maybe if his Daddy keeps doing this, he'll be an early walker:)

Easter Party/ Easter 2011

I threw an Easter party the Saturday before Easter. ( I think I may just make it a tradition). My sis-in-law and her kids couldn't make it, but Molly and her girls came. We had a great time.

First we dyed and glittered Easter eggs (and Molly made a tasty lunch for us: French Dip & carrot fries)
Then the girls went on an egg hunt in the back yard

Ell pretty much just chilled
Last, we made Rice Crispy Treat nests
We went to Russ' grandparent's house in Provo for Easter dinner. It was the first time a lot of the extended family had seen Elliot. We had a delicious dinner & dessert (I ate way too much) and it was great visiting with family. I love Russ' family.

Farm Fun

Last Friday my sister Molly had the day off work. She and her girls came up and we went to the HeeHaw Farms to see the baby animals. (We missed Baby Animal Days in Logan) We dodged the Saturday crowds, which was nice. The kids were able to hold and play with the animals and there were no lines.

We took a hayride
Evelyn loved this cow! She said, "I'm like it's owner."
The girls each rode the pony
and the Animal Train
We all went down this giant slide (even Mr. Elliot)
He finally woke up toward the end!
The weather was absolutely beautiful! We had a great time at the farm.

SmiLeS & GiggLeS:)

Elliot smiles so much now! It is so much fun seeing him smile intentionally, instead of just in his sleep or from gas.
He has also started laughing a little bit. It sounds more like a chuckle sometimes. We love it!

We love this little half smile

Strong Neck!

Our sweet pea holds his head up so well! Good job buddy.

First Time to the Park

My sister Molly and the girls came over and we took the kids on a walk and to the park at the school right by our house. This was Elliot's first time to the park. ( I think I enjoyed it more than he did)

Sophia, me, Elliot, Evelyn

Me and my boy

First time down a slide

Molly & her girls

Auntie Molly

It's been so great living close to Molly. We see them quite a bit:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here are some cute pictures taken of our little guy in April 2011.

"Daddy's happy I'M A BOY"

Zoolander Baby

For a while Elliot pulled this funny face quite a bit. Russ liked to call it his "Zoolander" face. Silly boy.

Handsome Like Daddy

We were given this adorable onesie before Elliot was born. I think it's very fitting, because I think both my boys are very handsome:)

First Trip to Logan

We finally took Elliot up to Logan! My sister Molly, my mom, and I took the kids to get pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids for my mom's birthday. We also got some singles taken of Elliot. They turned out very cute. (We got Elliot a handsome white polo and black pants from Children's Place.)

My mom reading with all 3 grandkids. Elliot was enjoying it...

...then got distracted from Mommy looking at him over the book.

He started smiling at me!

Aunt Molly gave him a bath after he had an accident..

While we were there, Elliot started moving his arms & legs rapidly, as if he were so excited. (He does it a lot now and it's so dang cute!)

My brother Max loves Elliot

Our chunky monkey with Grandma Kari

We always have a good time with my family. It is so great how much they enjoy and love Elliot!