Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Trip to Logan

We finally took Elliot up to Logan! My sister Molly, my mom, and I took the kids to get pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids for my mom's birthday. We also got some singles taken of Elliot. They turned out very cute. (We got Elliot a handsome white polo and black pants from Children's Place.)

My mom reading with all 3 grandkids. Elliot was enjoying it...

...then got distracted from Mommy looking at him over the book.

He started smiling at me!

Aunt Molly gave him a bath after he had an accident..

While we were there, Elliot started moving his arms & legs rapidly, as if he were so excited. (He does it a lot now and it's so dang cute!)

My brother Max loves Elliot

Our chunky monkey with Grandma Kari

We always have a good time with my family. It is so great how much they enjoy and love Elliot!

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