Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wonderful Fall!

I love love love the Fall! There are so many reasons why. I love the changing colors, the smell of leaves, the crisp air, baking, pumpkins, decorations, Halloween. It's all so wonderful!

We went on a drive over the weekend with my dad. We took the Alpine Loop up American Fork Canyon. We weren't sure if it was too early in the season or not, but when we started driving we realized we went at the perfect time! The colors were magnificent. The sun was shining in the west, which back-lit the trees. There were yellows, oranges, reds.

We even saw a moose!
We had our windows rolled down during the drive and smelled "Fall." I love this time of year.

These are a few of his favorite things...

Elliot is a happy baby and enjoys a lot of things! Here are his favorite things in pictures:

He loves being outside/going for walks

He likes his toothbrush. He lets me brush his teeth and he likes to try it himself too.

He loves his daddy & shoulder rides!

Feeding himself

Drinking water out of cups.

I have to say he loves his mommy.

Remote controls

Flavored puffs


His toy balls

When Mr. Elliot is awake he is pretty much always on the move! He does the army crawl to get where he wants to go. He climbs over things-pillows, toys, mommy. He
is such a little explorer!
He loves shoes
Little red gate
Crab on toy fishtank (it spins)
He puts everything in his mouth. The other day he was chewing/sucking on this pear from our tree for about 1/2 and hour. He would chew on it then suck the juice.
He is so full of life and energy! It is fun watching him grow and learn new things.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Getaway

Last week the three of us stayed in Park City for a few nights. Our first little family vacation! Before Elliot was born, Russ and I went to a time share-like presentation and got a free future week stay in Park City. We had a good time relaxing, enjoying the pool and hot tub,
doing Mask and a Movie (like our college days), and taking a beautiful drive around Deer Valley Ski Resort.

All this for 3 nights??
Elliot & Daddy

The living room



The view out the bedroom window

Happy as can be! He had a good time exploring under the hide-a-bed.
I thought I'd try tofu lettuce wraps

I baked some cookies in the kitchen

Our lovely face masks