Monday, November 3, 2008

Spooky Halloween!

We had a pretty exciting Halloween...It started out with giving candy to trick-or-treaters and then... it turned freaky!
Our friends Dave and Jessica came over and we decided to play a prank on Dave's brother and his wife (they live in our same complex). I think this was mainly the boys idea. We did what was called "Penny Tapping." Russ did this to me years ago and my dad chased him and his friends down the street!
Here's what you do: You take a band-aid and put a penny on one of the sticky sides and attach string to it (fishing line..or we used thread) and then you stick the band-aid to someone's window. You go hide behind something and start pulling on the thread. It makes a tapping wound at their window. Creepy.. Well we didn't expect the prank to go this far.. Dave's brother came running up the hill after Dave shouting at him and a little while later Dave pulled out his black pager and pointed it like a gun. His brother put up his hands and started walking away..his wife started dialing 911. So, Dave took the prank a bit far.. hopefully they have forgiven us.
After that the boys had another fabulous idea to scare us.

We went to this old Creepy House that the boys used to go to in high school. We walked down a road and then it turned onto a dirt road. There wasn't a road for cars that led to this house.. weird.. The four of us got pretty close and Dave went closer and looked in the window. There was one room lit up inside and a light on the outside.. All of a sudden and outside light TURNED OFF! We ran toward the car... Dave said that we had to go back. That we needed to look inside..Round two..this time it was me and the two boys..Back down the dirt road and this time we got closer to the house. There was a creepy lawn ornament..I don't know if it was a knome or what. We looked up by the doorway and in the window we saw the silohette of somebody!! Freaked us right out! We ran back to our car and this time drove off. We'd had enough. Rumor has it that there has been an old lady in there. Who knows if anyone lives there...
Then we watched a scary movie (The Ring II) Yuck! i wouldn't recommend it. I got super freaked out again! So, that was our fun Halloween night!