Thursday, July 28, 2011


I stinkin' love being a mommy to this little boy! He is my buddy. He is so happy in the mornings and we laugh and play together on the bed.

Elliot loves being outside. If he is fussy and we walk outside, he calms down. We like taking evening walks as a family. His big blue eyes look around at the world around him. The American Fork River is close to our house and we often take Elliot there to watch and listen to it. He is mesmerized.

He is such a good baby. Hardly fussy. Loves to laugh and babble.

He has started rolling a lot, pushing up on his knees, and moving his legs all over the place. He moves around the floor.

He has been eating rice cereal and we've given him tastes of cantaloupe & other sweet unmentionables at my mom's house:)

He can sit up for a short while by himself.

He is such a joy in our lives. We sure love him.

(He moved himself here-apparently trying to get to the DVD player. Technology lover already..)

Now For Real

Last weekend we went camping for real! We met my siblings up Logan Canyon (thanks to Max for saving our spot) and set up camp. The guys got a fire started and thanks to Molly and Adam, we had amazing tinfoil dinners!

It was Elliot's first time camping and he did pretty well. We bundled him up, with socks on his hands. Soon enough they were both soaking wet with slobber, so he went without. Not to our surprise, he woke up early in the morning with freezing cold hands. I put him between Russ and I and we all went back to sleep.

I don't think I ever sleep well while camping, but we had a great time overall!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Russ and I had our first campout of the season over the our front room! It was Russ' idea. We set up our tent, put the air mattress in it, and watched "Ernest Goes To Camp." I loved it!


I love this video! It shows Elliot's new low voice and his squeal. He makes so many noises.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 years

Russell and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary On June 13th. He really surprised me by planning an over-nighter in Park City. He arranged for his mom to have Elliot. We shopped at the Tanger Outlets, ate Mexican for dinner, and stayed at a great hotel.

The next morning we ate a yummy breakfast and went horseback riding in the hills! I loved it! I had been scared of riding horses because of past experiences, but this time was so much better.

We had a great anniversary. Thanks Russ:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Summer So Far

We have had a good summer so far. It's hard to believe it's about half way over! Here are some of the things we've been up to:

One weekend in June we spent some time with my family. Elliot & I went to Hogle Zoo with my mom, Molly, her girls, and Adam & Hillary

Grandma Kari

Molly, Evelyn, Emily, Elliot, Sophia, Grandma Kari

Uncle Adam

Aunt Hillary & the kids (Elliot rode on top of the stroller-like a hammock)

Russell and my brother Max met up with us later.

We had breakfast at Village Inn.

Another weekend we went up American Fork Canyon with my dad, which was beautiful. We went on a little hike. Elliot likes being outside.

Elliot & I also spent some time visiting my family in Logan. Elliot had his first cookout/campfire up Logan Canyon. My brothers and Hillary camped over night, and me, my mom and Elliot went home at about midnight.

Uncle Max & Elliot
Mom & Hillary
Adam & Me

Happy 4th of July! We had another great 4th of July weekend in Logan. I've watched the fireworks on the grass below Romney Stadium for as long as I can remember.
Our little family
My family
We went to the Hyrum parade the morning of the 4th. It was Elliot's first parade.

Last week we had a big storm! I was walking around outside with Elliot and we felt some sprinkles. Then the three of us were out on our porch, when all of a sudden, there was the loudest CRASH of thunder I think I have ever heard! It was piercing! I think all of us were scared. There was lightning and rain started pouring down. There was so much water in our road.

After Russ and I put Elliot to bed, we thought we'd be spontaneous. We ran into the street in our bare feet and played in the rain! We had a little water fight & were both soaked by the time we came inside. It was a blast!

Last weekend was Steele Days in American Fork. Elliot & I went to the carnival (which was about a block and 1/2 from us) with some of Russ' family then lunch at Winger's afterward. They really do have great wings! We had a lot of fun.

Later that night we went back with Russ and my dad. Russ & I went on a couple of rides together. We both felt a bit sick after, but it was worth it.

Katrina, Oliver, Elliot, Doug (Papas), Heidi (Nana)
Elliot with Nana
Evelyn, Spencer, Katrina
Spencer seemed to like the bone better than the wings!

Elliot is Growing

Our little tyke is definitely not a newborn anymore. He is so big and impresses us with new things all the time. Check Spelling

We gave him his first haircut in May. He had a dark tuft of hair above his neck and some at the top, back of his head. We used my mom's trimmers and scissors to try and make it look decent. After giving him a bald spot, my mom helped us a bit.
He does so well in his BUMBO chair. He also tries to sit up a lot when he is not in the BUMBO.
He holds his head up so well
He chews on just about everything, including Russ and I. Sometimes he really chomps down hard. We've wondered off and on if he has been teething..
His little blue snuggle bear blankie
Daddy dressed him for church using the skinny tie he wore on our wedding day. He tucked it down Elliot's pant leg. It was so stinking funny!
I love his cute overalls from my aunt Sarah
Trying to put the whole end of his rattle in his mouth
Playing with his rings- one of his favorite toys
This is how I found him one day... love it.
He likes stories (His Pa reading to him)
Found him like this one day...sucking his big toe
Our precious boy
He found his feet!
He switches off from foot to foot
He tried rice cereal for the first time this month! He seemed to like it, but I don't know how much actually made it into his tummy.
We got this saucer from my sister's daycare. He does so well in it!
We love our growing boy.