Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Time

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was fun spending a few days up in Logan! Home sweet home... We went to my aunt Chris' house for Thanksgiving dinner, which was mmm mmm good. There was a pretty small group, but it was fun! We had lots of laughs with the Ozmuns. My Gramps was there and my uncle Derek who flew in from Florida was there with 2 of his kids.
The next day me, Russ, and BUB spent some time eating at the PUPUSERIA (an El Salvadorian restaurant we like) and getting "squeeky cheese" at the cheese factory. We love that stuff!

Me and my sweetie pie

We celebrated Evelyn's birthday the day after Thanksgiving at my parent's house. It was a purple and elephant party! We ate dinner, opened presents (lots of purple and lots of elephants), hit a pinata, and the kids played "Pin the trunk on the elephant." Good job Molly on planning a fun party!

Our cute nieces, Evelyn and Sophia!

My sis, Molly and Evie

The "BUB" and Soph

Me, Toni (Max's girlfriend), and Molly were playing Cootie, a game Toni got Evie for her b-day.