Wednesday, December 8, 2010

29 Weeks

I am about 29 weeks along. I only have about 2 1/2 months left until my due date! Our little guy is moving all over the place. Russ is able to feel him a lot and we can both see my stomach do "the wave".

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

It snowed right on time for those of us traveling home from our Thanksgiving weekend... Boo. We should have left on Saturday to beat the storm, but I wanted to stay in Logan another day. (So, who's fault was it?)
We left Sunday, before dark. We were worried about Sardine Canyon, but that wasn't the worst part! The roads after the canyon and in Salt Lake Valley were terrible. It was a scary ride home, but Russ got us home safe. It took us about 3 1/2 hrs-crazy.

Oh Christmas Tree

We decorated our "Charlie Brown" tree a couple days after we got home. I love decorating the tree! We played Christmas music, as we used to when I was growing up. Even though, it's thin and uneven, I like it.

Ta Da!

Tree Time

Over Thanksgiving weekend me, Russ, my brother Max, and my dad went to cut down Christmas trees! This has been a tradition for Russ and I since we got married. We got all bundled up and headed to the hardware store in Preston, Idaho in hopes to get two tree permits. We were lucky enough to get them!
With help from the map given to us we found a place to pull off and look for some trees. It was slim pickings, but after trudging knee-deep through the snow and hiking a bit, we found some that would do. Luckily, we remembered the saw!
(Max thought he'd use most of the time to build a snowboard jump and go off of it over and over. He seriously hiked up, with his board and a shovel and built a jump! The kid is crazy.)

Some of the trees were so tall!

Dad cutting our tree

Hauling it back

Max & Dad did go back to get their tree when Max was done boarding

Watch this sideways.

Thanksgiving 2010

I have so much to be grateful for in my life. The gospel of Jesus Christ, a wonderful husband, a baby boy on the way, family, warm house, jobs, etc.

Russ and I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Logan. We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Ozmun's house (my aunt & uncle). Other guests there were my grandpa, his wife Tana, Uncle Derek, and his son Hunter. We ended up staying for quite a while. We ate chatted, ate, played Catchphrase, ate. The boys played Ping Pong- which Russ is really good at! He and my brother Max really got into it with each other.

(This really shows my belly)

One of the highlights of my Thanksgiving was my grandma's cheeseball! Me and my cousin, Kelsey LOVE it! My grandma used to make it for Thanksgiving. I was surprised to find Kraft Roca Blue cheese, one of the ingredients, at the grocery store this year, because last year it was discontinued! (Russ had found the "Roca Blue" recipe online and I was all prepared to make it, but was pleasantly surprised to find I didn't have to).
I'm thinking I ate way too much cheeseball, because I woke up in the middle of the night siiiiiiiiick with crazy stomach pain. It was absolutely horrible. My stomach was upset for a couple days after, but nothing like that night, thank goodness!