Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Russ!

Russ has his 28th birthday tomorrow- March 1st. We celebrated a little early last night. I planned a surprise party for him at Classic Skating. He likes roller skating and used to go Disco Skating there every Saturday night with his buddies in high school.

I was so glad that Russ didn't figure out the surprise early-he is so curious! I told him last week to not plan anything for Saturday night, because I would be taking him out for his b-day. So, last night after we went to pick up a few groceries, I told him we were going to the DI to find clothes for Disco Skating. We had better luck at Savers. I told him it would be him and I and that we were going at a specific time because I had pizza coming. We found a few things from Savers then came back home to put our outfits together. When we walked into the roller rink a couple of his friends were in line to pay! When we went in further he kept seeing more of his friends. It was great. My sister had some tables reserved and ordered some pizza and drinks. It turned out great! So many of Russ' friends came. Some of us skated, some ate pizza and chatted. Russ was surprised and it was a lot of fun!

Lauren and Tyson
Ryan, his roommate and Steve
Dan and his date
Mitch and Russ with his mouth full of pizza
Molly, Ev, Sophie
If you look close Russ is busting a move

Happy Birthday Russ!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines 2010

Happy Valentines Day! Russell surprised me this year with a Valentines weekend. We went up to Idaho to a Bed & Breakfast near Lava Hot Springs. It was such a great place! It was so cozy tucked in the mountains and covered with snow. It looked as though these people's house was made into a B & B. There were only three rooms and they had miniature horses, dogs, cats, and birds. The lady who ran it was named Sher and she loved her birds. They were noisy things and they totally talked!

After we got settled in, we spent some of the day down the road at the hot springs. It was so nice!
There was a cute basket of goodies set on the bed for us

Lava Hot Springs
After the springs, we got some ice cream from a little shop and some allergy medication for Russ (he is allergic to cats) and we came back and relaxed. That night Sher and some others cooked a Steak and Lobster dinner for us and two other couples. There was a box at three of the places, for each of the ladies with a heart necklace in them. (I guess mine was kind of from Russ)
The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast in the dining room with the other couples, then we packed up and headed out. I had such a wonderful time. Russ is such a good planner and he did so good at keeping it secret from me. Thanks sweetie!


Once upon a time Russ needed some new glasses. One day he went to the eye doctor and got his prescription. He later got on line and ordered some HIDEOUS, HUGE, PURPLE-ISH glasses. The end.

New Years 2010

On New Years Eve Russell and I and Tyson and Lauren went to the Nickel Cade then came back to our place (our friend Jessica joined us) and played cards and ate treats. Adam and Hill came down from Cache Valley around 11:00. We counted down the New Year and celebrated with silly string. Russ went outside all by himself to bang a pan. Funny kid.

The next day Russ, I, Ad, and Hill ate lunch at Zuppa's (which is delectable), got cookies from a bakery, went shopping, ate fantastic Thai food for dinner, and hung out down town for a bit. We had a good time with them!

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas Eve and the first part of Christmas Day with the Petty's. We went to see Avatar in 3D on Christmas Eve, which was really cool! Then we ate Cafe Rio for dinner. Yum yum. Russ and I and his brothers, Stu and Robert stayed over at Mama and Papa Petty's house.

Russ and I bright and early
Stuart and Robert
Oliver, Chris, Evelyn, Heidi, Doug, Spencer, and Katrina
Russ and I got the kids a play dough set
Heidi liked her new scarf
Showing off his new slippers (from me)

Russ and I were able to talk to Max in Brazil! I didn't know if we would be able to, but Adam called us on his cell and they had him on speaker phone, so we were all talking. It was great to hear from him.

Christmas afternoon we drove up to Logan. We opened presents with my family and had a wonderful Christmas dinner.
Hill and Ad
Mom and Sophie
Adam in his very large new sweater
We got Soph a little play phone and she knew just what to do with it!
Sophie and Pa
Molly and Ev
Grandma Kari made Evelyn a Cinderella dress and headband (Ev knew exactly what it was right when she opened the present, without even seeing the whole thing)
My mom got all the couples BBQs! A great gift!
Russell sporting his new cardigan and scarf from Ad and Hill
Tom got a dart gun, which the boys and Hill played with in the living room
We stayed through the weekend and Adam and Hill let us stay over in their home. It was so cozy and we had a good time. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Temple Square

Before Christmas Russ and I did Initiatories at the Salt Lake Temple then we met up with our friends, Tyson and Lauren to look at the lights. It was chilly, but so pretty!

Tyson and Lauren
After the lights we went to the Salt Lake Roasting Company and got some fantastic hot chocolate and sat and talked. It is great living so close to Temple Square.

Christmas with Tyler

We had an early Christmas with our neighbor/friend Tyler. He worked on Christmas and his family was back home in Alabama. We got him a stocking filled with treats, a football night light, a Zen Garden and a Houndstooth tie (Roll Tide!) There is a lot of Houndstooth in Alabama.

We lent Tyler our miniature tree for his apt. and he found some old decorations from the previous owners to make his home nice and festive.
Enjoying his new Zen Garden
Tyler surprised us with the Owl City cd and "A Christmas Story" Snuggie! Hilarious! We thought about getting him an Alabama Snuggie!