Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Russ!

Russ has his 28th birthday tomorrow- March 1st. We celebrated a little early last night. I planned a surprise party for him at Classic Skating. He likes roller skating and used to go Disco Skating there every Saturday night with his buddies in high school.

I was so glad that Russ didn't figure out the surprise early-he is so curious! I told him last week to not plan anything for Saturday night, because I would be taking him out for his b-day. So, last night after we went to pick up a few groceries, I told him we were going to the DI to find clothes for Disco Skating. We had better luck at Savers. I told him it would be him and I and that we were going at a specific time because I had pizza coming. We found a few things from Savers then came back home to put our outfits together. When we walked into the roller rink a couple of his friends were in line to pay! When we went in further he kept seeing more of his friends. It was great. My sister had some tables reserved and ordered some pizza and drinks. It turned out great! So many of Russ' friends came. Some of us skated, some ate pizza and chatted. Russ was surprised and it was a lot of fun!

Lauren and Tyson
Ryan, his roommate and Steve
Dan and his date
Mitch and Russ with his mouth full of pizza
Molly, Ev, Sophie
If you look close Russ is busting a move

Happy Birthday Russ!

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Shayner and Ern said...

ha ha!!! HOw fun is that~! I am glad that you had such a great turn out! That is exciting! Happy Birthday, Russ