Sunday, February 20, 2011

We're Ready

Here is the cute bassinet my mom bought for us.

The little man's nursery is all finished! Russell and my sister painted and my mom did a lot of sewing. Thanks so much to them! Now we just need someone to occupy it...

Over 39 Weeks!

We are just about there folks! Russ and I have been planning on the due date being the 22nd and my Dr. has the 25th.. Either way, he's due this week! Yay! We are just hoping he actually comes this week! Come out, come out wherever you are... We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pregnancy Pedi

My friends Michelle and Brittney put together a pedicure night a couple weeks ago. We ate pizza and ice cream at Brittney's, then went to Shirodhara for pedicures. (Our husbands all work for CityDeals and got us gift certificates for Christmas). It was so relaxing and the ladies did such a good job. I chose red glitter polish!

The End is Nigh...

I'm 37 weeks pregnant! I definitely feel big and I have been pretty tired at work. My legs get tired while I am assisting.
Russ & I are both anxious for our little guy to come. The other day Russ said that he just wants to hold him:)
We took a tour of the LDS hospital last week (that is where I'm planning to deliver). It was fun to see where we will be in just a few short weeks!