Monday, July 11, 2011

Elliot is Growing

Our little tyke is definitely not a newborn anymore. He is so big and impresses us with new things all the time. Check Spelling

We gave him his first haircut in May. He had a dark tuft of hair above his neck and some at the top, back of his head. We used my mom's trimmers and scissors to try and make it look decent. After giving him a bald spot, my mom helped us a bit.
He does so well in his BUMBO chair. He also tries to sit up a lot when he is not in the BUMBO.
He holds his head up so well
He chews on just about everything, including Russ and I. Sometimes he really chomps down hard. We've wondered off and on if he has been teething..
His little blue snuggle bear blankie
Daddy dressed him for church using the skinny tie he wore on our wedding day. He tucked it down Elliot's pant leg. It was so stinking funny!
I love his cute overalls from my aunt Sarah
Trying to put the whole end of his rattle in his mouth
Playing with his rings- one of his favorite toys
This is how I found him one day... love it.
He likes stories (His Pa reading to him)
Found him like this one day...sucking his big toe
Our precious boy
He found his feet!
He switches off from foot to foot
He tried rice cereal for the first time this month! He seemed to like it, but I don't know how much actually made it into his tummy.
We got this saucer from my sister's daycare. He does so well in it!
We love our growing boy.

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Tori said...

holy cow he is getting so big! Isn't it fun to see their little personalities come out as they grow up? He sure is handsome too!