Thursday, July 28, 2011


I stinkin' love being a mommy to this little boy! He is my buddy. He is so happy in the mornings and we laugh and play together on the bed.

Elliot loves being outside. If he is fussy and we walk outside, he calms down. We like taking evening walks as a family. His big blue eyes look around at the world around him. The American Fork River is close to our house and we often take Elliot there to watch and listen to it. He is mesmerized.

He is such a good baby. Hardly fussy. Loves to laugh and babble.

He has started rolling a lot, pushing up on his knees, and moving his legs all over the place. He moves around the floor.

He has been eating rice cereal and we've given him tastes of cantaloupe & other sweet unmentionables at my mom's house:)

He can sit up for a short while by himself.

He is such a joy in our lives. We sure love him.

(He moved himself here-apparently trying to get to the DVD player. Technology lover already..)

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