Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Conference Weekend

I love General Conference weekend. My little brother, Max spent the weekend with us because he sang with a choir at the Priesthood session.
In between sessions, on Saturday, Russell threw his tennis rackets in the car and said we were all going to play some tennis. (He played in high school and still loves it. He is a whole lot better than I am!) I packed a quick picnic and we jumped in the car. The weather was absolutely perfect for tennis and a picnic. It was so nice being outside!

It's tradition in Russ' family to meet at his parents' house, after Priesthood session for icecream. We upheld the tradition and Max even met us there. The cousins loved "Baby Elliot." Our nephew Spencer is hilarious and says funny things quite a bit. Tonight it was, "Max is really creepin' everyone out." We were dying!

Elliot with his cousins, Spencer, Evelyn, and Oliver

We went back over to Russ' parents' house on Sunday, in between sessions. We had lunch and stayed for the afternoon session.
It was a good weekend.

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