Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Niece Slumber Party

Molly asked me to watch her girls overnight the weekend before last. We had fun:)

(The girls love their Uncle Russell)
Russ played lots and lots of Disney songs. We sang along and danced. Russ & Ev even played a Disney song guessing game where he would play the song and she would guess. I can't believe how many she knew! She also sang along to so many of the songs-so cute. She was very dramatic at times.

Sophie kept saying, "Ariel." I think she may have wanted Russ to play an Ariel song...

Russ made a deal- if he got his back scratched, he would keep playing Disney songs. The girls agreed. (He loves having his back scratched)

After the songs, we put a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor and watched a Tinkerbell movie and ate treats.

I love these girls!

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