Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Russ' family. His brother Scott & his wife Diane came up from St. George and stayed at our place. We have fun with them and loved having them.

Thanksgiving dinner was at Grandma Patsy's house in Provo. We had about enough food to feed a church congregation. So many appetizers, turkeys, desserts. It was delicious. We are so blessed.

Grandma Patsy with Jasani & Elliot
The little ones going through the Black Friday ads
Robert, Scott (Russ' bros), Diane (sis-in-law), Angela (cousin), Russ, me
Uncle Bob, friend, Amber, Jack (cousins)
Chris (bro-in-law), Helen (aunt), Papa Petty, Mama Petty, Tim (uncle), Anika (aunt)
First Thanksgiving with our little family

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three dogs and a logan couple said...

I love that E is grabbing for lunch in that last photo. Atta boy!