Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I had the wonderful opportunity of being in a play done by our stake, called the Kirtland Pageant. I believe it was a pageant originally done in Kirtland, Ohio. It was about Joseph Smith, Emma, and the Saints moving to, then away from Kirtland.

I wasn't planning on auditioning for the show, but I was at the auditions with the Young Women in my ward and thought maybe I should. I called Russ to see if he'd be okay with it and he said to go for it.

I'm so glad I ended up doing the show! I met some wonderful people. Russ was so good to have Elliot while I was at rehearsals and performances.

Nelly & I (She was a hoot!  We had a lot of fun together)

Carden & I

Marty Reimchissel had the vision of doing this show in our stake. He was a wonderful person and liked having fun. He put so much time and effort into the pageant.  Marty became hospitalized about 2 weeks prior to the show and sadly passed away last night. Thanks for everything, Marty:)

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