Sunday, November 8, 2009

HaLloWeeN pArTy 2009

Last weekend we had our 3rd Annual Kirschman Halloween Party. It was great! My brother Adam and his wife Hillary hosted it again this year. There old place was perfect for a Halloween party. It was an old house with a lot of character. It's always fun to see what costumes everyone comes up with. Russ' costume was all his idea! (Can you tell who he is?? ha ha)

Me (genie), Russ (Angel Moroni), Adam (Phantom of the Opera), Hillary (Sandy from "Grease")
Mom (gypsy), Dad (an old time golfer.. he put the mustache together!)
Tom (satyr), Molly (Queen of Hearts), Sophie (flower), Evie ("Alice")
Mason (Newsie), Kelsey (Fairy)
Chris (Harry Potter..he totally got his own costume), Christine (Rizzo from "Grease"), Henley (Princess)
Kelsey with Kenna and Mark's baby, Beck (Pooh)
Two Queen of Hearts! Molly and Kenna
The winners of the costume contest! (Mark was hilarious and made so much of his costume! Nacho Libre)
It was great! Thanks Adam and Hill!

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Jewls said...

I love that he actually did the Angel Moroni costume! It looks great! Glad you had a fun Halloween :)