Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas. Yeepee!

We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving with my family in Cache Valley. We enjoyed delicious Thanksgiving leftovers (my mom is a great cook), stayed up LATE playing Monopoly, I ate one of my fav's-Costa Vida with my momma, while we watched a fantastic TV movie called "Love Comes Softly." I absolutely love watching a good movie with my mom, in the upstairs living room with dinner in front of us.
On Saturday me, Russ, Molly, Tom, Evelyn, Adam, and my dad went up to Idaho to cut down Christmas trees! The guys did the actual cutting, but we were all there for the adventure. There was actually quite a bit of snow for us to walk in, which was fun. While my dad and Adam were busy finding and cutting their trees, the rest of us got in a miniature snowball fight. We had a fun time!
Russ and my dad with our tree!
Striking a posePlaying in the snowThe proud owners
A while ago I bought some great items from Michaels to make a wreath. (Michaels was one of my favorite stores this season) I thought it would be fun for me and my mom to make them together. When she was off work, we went to Michaels for things for her wreath. We found some great things! We made them on Sunday at Adam and Hillary's, while others were watching a movie. We had a good time! Here they are...
My new wreath is hanging on my door:)

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McKenna's page said...

Cute wreaths! I am not that crafty so good job. I hope your party was tons of fun, sorry we couldn't make it. Maybe we will see you around Christmas, are you coming up?