Sunday, September 26, 2010

California Wedding

In July Russ and I flew out to California for our friends' wedding-Ryan and Diane. We flew into Long Beach and the wedding was in LA. We stayed near Santa Monica with 4 other friends: Mitch & Stacie Dorius with their baby, Ellie and Matt & Kiera Dorius. Russ was asked to be a groomsman. We were only in Cali for a few days, but we still had some free time and enjoyed ourselves!

We found this pretty beach on Friday.. it was just too bad the weather was cold!

The cool weather didn't stop these boys from jumping in the water! Brrr!

Mitch brought some boogie boards and they had a good time. (Meanwhile us girls stayed on the beach)

Russ decided to upgrade at the car rental booth and got a red Mustang. Don't the zebra shorts go great??

Ryan and Diane got married in the L.A. temple. It was a beautiful wedding!

The happy couple

Outside the temple

After the ceremony we had some free time, so we again went to the beach! We went to Venice Beach, which is a crazy place). We got lunch, walked around, then layed about on the beach. The weather was warmer, which we were happy about!

After the beach, we got dressed up again and went to the reception. It was in the backyard of Diane's old seminary teacher. It was beautiful! There were booths with mini doughnuts, icecream bars, shrimp cocktail, cotton candy. There was a full dinner: BBQ and Asian take out boxes. (It was based off of a market in Washington, where Diane served her mission). There was a picture booth, dancing, and even outdoor heaters for when it cooled off.

Russ loves him some shrimp cocktail! He kept going back for more.

The crew

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