Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Joys with the Kirschmans!

We didn't know how the weather was going to be on Christmas and if we would make it to Logan. We made it! We went straight to the Ozmun's for food and hanging out. When the time came to leave..the adventures begun! It snowed so much! Our car wouldn't make it up the hill. Well, lucky for us, Adam and Hillary's monster Jeep pulled us up and we all eventually got home safe and sound.

The guys shoveled snow..
Then they were able to have some fun! I guess the boys were excited with what they could do with all that snow. So, they bundled up and decided to pull each other behind the Jeep on a little sled. Crazy! At first it was just Ad and Russ, but Tom and the Bub (my dad) soon joined in.

While the boys were out in the cold, us gals stayed in where it was nice and cozy.

The Bub wasn't too happy after hitting a big puddle of ice water.. so he joined us inside.

The boys did end up coming in from the cold

We didn't open presents until like 10:00 or maybe even later. We had fun! I love my fam.

We spent a few days in Logan, and had lots of fun! The day after, most of us went to eat at Frederico's Pizza and to see a movie.

Russ and I were also able to spend some time with our friends, Dave and Christina Noack a couple of days after Christmas. They were up from Kentucky. Happy Holidays!


S and E said...

ha ha! how fun!! it did snow something fierce on christmas!!

Mitch and Stacie said...

I love the Blog! You need to update it. I life with Russell Petty is bound to make a hilarious blog! I hope all is well, When are we going to hang out?

DJ, Liesl and Logan said...

Emily!! yeah it's crazy that David is gone! it's so cool though. anyway, we are in Cali for tax season. we are puting our house up for sale to move back here by next january. So..... we fro reals have to get together sometime!! we are trying to do another reunion this year. I'm hoping that we can do it a little closer this year. I hope you can come, it's going to be the weekend of july 24th.