Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Joys!

I love spending Christmas with family! This year was Russell's and my first Christmas being married. We split the holiday this year with both our families.
We spent Christmas Eve with the Petty Peeps! We had a Cafe Rio dinner, snacks, of course, and tried out the new game Russ and I got from Scott and Diane, called "Loot". They gave it to us early, so we tried it out. It was a pirate card game , where you try to win as much gold as you can. It was fun.
Mama and Papa Petty had a full house that night. We were on couches, and air mattress, and Chris, Katrina, and the kids were downstairs at their place.

Fabulous Christmas morning photos! (Em, Russ, Stu-Russ' bro)

Christmas morning the whole family was together, besides Robert (Russ' bro who is on a mission in the Philippines). We went downstairs and watched the kids open their presents. They were cute!



Ollie (Oliver)

Katrina and her boys

Then we went upstairs to open our gifts.

Scott and Di with Evelyn

Russ had the idea to get some of Papa Petty's old wrestling pictures (found in an old year book) and frame them. Russ had him sign the frame before Christmas. It was neat.
It was fun spending Christmas this year with my new family!

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