Thursday, June 18, 2009

Russ is a Roller Skater!...Really

One night when we were up in Logan (two weekends ago), we went Disco Skating! Can you guess who's idea this was?? I'll give you a hint..the same person who had the idea to go the night before our wedding.. Russ! He loves to roller skate (not blade). In high school him and his buddies used to dress up in their disco gear and go to the roller rink.

Russ didn't have any disco clothes in Logan, so he was searching around my parent's house trying to find something snazzy to wear. We were looking in my brother Max's things and we couldn't find any sweat bands or anything. Then..all of a sudden..the famous pink plaid suit jumped out in front of us! My mom made it years ago for my dad who was in a band. Ha ha, it's great! Look at this thing!
We went to the rink with Russ' bro Scott, his wife Diane, Russ' buddy Ryan and his girlfriend Alicia. We had a good time!

Check out Scott's helmet! Ryan and Alicia
Sweet move Russ!
This is the first video I've ever posted! Check out some sweet skating!


KSHammond said...

This is H I L A R I O U S! For REAL! BAHAHAHAHA! I love it.

Shayner and Ern said...

that is so funny!! it looks like so much fun!! lol! oh Russ...

the life of us said...

Good work on the blog, Em!

Chris and Leslie said...

I'm so so jealous. I use to go skating with those I know exactly what that entails. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

three dogs and a logan couple said...

You guys are such dorks!