Sunday, June 14, 2009

St. George Fun!

Russ and I were invited to go down to St. George with my brother Adam and his wife Hillary two weekends ago. We drove down Friday after work and met Adam and Hill at the condo. Hillary's dad hooked us up with a condo, that was so nice. (i don't have pics of it!)

Friday evening, we went out to an awesome dinner. A fantastic mix of foods- Thai and sushi! Two of my favorites! Then we found a sweet ghetto bowling alley. We played pool, foosball, and goofed off, which was a lot of fun! Then we spent 5 hours at the grocery store (not literally) and Ad, Hill, and Russ stayed up until all hours of the morning playing cards. Meanwhile, I fell asleep on the couch.

Saturday was fun! We spent some time hiking around the rocks.

Russ and Adam thought it would be fun to try and catch a lizard (a big one!) Hill even joined in (her arms were smaller and could reach between the rocks). I can't even tell you how long they were trying to get that thing. I think the lizard got so wedged between the rocks, that I don't even know if he ever got out!

Later that evening, we went over to Hillary's parent's house, who live in St. George. Her sister and her kids were also there. Her parent's provided any fantastic pasta dinner for us. It was fun to visit with her family.

Russ and I had a great mini-vacation! Thanks Ad and Hill!

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