Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Camping Adventure!

Last weekend, Russ and I thought it would be fun to go camping! The only camping we've done since we've been married, has been in our living room (we set up our tent and everything). We got a group of people together and set out... (We went with our neighbor Tyler, Mitch and Stacie Dorius, Ryan Oldroyd and Alicia Watterson).

It took quite a while for all of us to meet up near East Canyon Reservoir. That was just the first delay to our campout. Plans kept falling through and it was about 10:30 by the time we started setting up camp. (We were still determined to have a campout) There was already a family camping in the area we were, but they said they were going to bed and we could use their fire. So, we started setting our tents up on bumpy ground and we were pretty close to the family's tent. We had planned to set up a fire further away so we could be louder...

While we were setting up, the dad of the family came and told us that allergies were hitting him so bad, they they were leaving. I felt bad for the family, but we ended up with a great campsite. We dragged our tents over and got our things set up. Even though it was late, we still roasted weenie's and had a good time!

Mitch and Stacie Dorius

We spent the next day at the lake (East Canyon Reservoir). Mitch's brother was so nice to let us use his 4-person jet ski. It was awesome! It was big enough to pull us on waterski's.

Cute Stacie and her pregnant belly

Nice Russ!

Russ, Mitch, and Tyler

Me water skiing

Here is a video of Russ doing the AIR CHAIR. It was the craziest looking thing! It was like a pogo stick in water!


Molly's House said...

NICE! How fun! By the way you look great. So tan and skinny, you're a babe. Love you.

Shayner and Ern said...

that air chair looked awesome!! I am jealous! what a fun trip!!

KSHammond said...

Looks fun kids!!!

Chris and Leslie said...

How fun, it looks like you guys had a great time. . . I am dying over how cute our swim suit it, please oh please tell me where you got it????:)

Bob and Tana Hale said...

We agree the swim suit and what is in it is absolutely darling. What a great trip you had. We can't wait to have a dinner at your cute apartment. What can we bring? Keep writing this blog, because otherwise we wouldn't know what is going on with you. Wish you lived close enough for home evenings. Love you both.