Saturday, July 25, 2009

FaMiLy VacAtiOn

This has been a great summer so far! This is the second summer Russ and I have been married, and we have done a lot of fun things.

At the end of June my family had a great vacation together! First we drove down to Manti to see the Manti Pageant. Mom arranged for us to stay in an old house, that was so neat. We had a great time chatting and spending time with each other.

That night we went to the Manti Pageant. We bundled up with jackets and blankets, which I was glad to have with the rain! The pageant was enjoyable, even with the rain and the temple was beautiful!

After Manti, we went to Hillary's sister's family cabin near Provo. We took turns with meals and we again had a great time and laughed our heads off!
We also went to Seven Peaks water park, which was a blast! The weather was warm, the water was nice, and we even got Mom to go on one of the freaky water slides with Dad! It was great!

The trip was a lot of fun! It was great spending time with my family.

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